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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What about time, lots, space, materials, etc?

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Do you only build homes?

A. Our reputaion as a high-end custom home builder only means that we are the best in our class at what we do. This is because we build every home to the best of our abilities and ensure that you cannot build a better home through any one else. We have built homes in all sizes and all price ranges. There is no floor and no ceiling to what we will build; we aren't too good for any project! We will work with your budget to build you the house that you desire and can afford.


Do you design homes; do I need a plan?

A. We design homes from scratch, from existing plans, and from existing homes. Our team of designers and drafters is capable of anything and has designed countless homes and rooms for our customers. Often we get "napkin" sketches that we can turn into full scale models to help you visualize your project.


I can't visualize plans on paper; how can you help me?

A. We utilize the latest in drafting and modeling software. Any ideas you have can be transformed into 3D models- true to scale, color, texture, and even lighting conditions!


Can you show me your work?

A. Absolutely! Contact us to set up an appointment today!

I'm relocating; now what?
A. Welcome to Wisconsin!  Call us directly for an appointment during your next visit and we can put together a program which includes all of the necessary services for someone moving to this area.  We can communicate via e-mail or phone and have access to relocation specialists in the area as well. You'll find some of these area links helpful also. Your home can be ready and waiting for you in time for your move.

Do I need a real estate agent to buy or build a Gaffney home?
No. Although we maintain professional relationships with many respected realtors, our experienced staff is licensed and can assist you throughout your home building or purchase process.

Do you offer financing options?
A. Yes. We're happy to assist you in locating a trusted lender to meet your financial service needs. With many established contacts to handle other areas you may need assistance on as well including insurance and relocation, we'll help to make your move as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

How much does a Gaffney home cost? Can I afford this?
A. Unfortunately, there's not a easy answer to this question. The obvious analogy is "How much does a car cost?" (There are many types, sizes, styles, and qualities of homes) We offer pre-planned and designed homes that have a base price with many available options/upgrades. Custom homes and plans are designed within your budget parameters but the final cost is dependent upon the ultimate design and selection choices made by you.

Will you build on my lot?

A. Of course, and we do offer various planned land/home packages in our own communities.  We work on many projects in the Rib Mountain and Wausau communities as well as surrounding areas.  We have traveled minutes and hours to our project sites.

I want to build a new home but don't know where to start?

A. Relax.  It is our specialty to guide you through the process and we excel at making it FUN and EASY!!

What are you capable of building?

A.  Anything.  We have built multiple family residences to vacation homes to indoor swimming pools, but best of all we build a great relationship with our customers.

How much do you charge per square foot?

A.  Click here to read article...

The Gaffney HistoryThe Gaffney History- We always describe it in one word.  Craftsmanship.

As custom home builders, we live here in the Wausau area. We grew up here and have seen the area evolve into what it is today. The area is poised for extraordinary growth and is rich in culture and heritage. We've been a part of building this history and love to share it. Read more...

The Gaffney PhilosophyThe Gaffney Philosophy- Build it right.  Build it with the best.

From floor to ceiling, building a unique custom home takes a very unique builders philosophy. The Gaffney Philosophy is to build it right using the best materials, the best craftsmen, the best way we know how. Read more on how this philosophy goes into every home we design and build.

The Details of Our Custom Homes Gaffney homes are custom designed and built with a special uniqueness all their own. What happens when you use hardware store items or lumberyard stock? You get a home that's just like the rest in the neighborhood. Find out what makes each Gaffney home truly a work of art.

Tour Our Detail Center Attention to quality and detail is our priority. Year after year, we detail, design and build homes that many other builders don't usually care to even attempt. This includes detail elements such as constructing our own cabinetry, making our own trim and manufacturing our own crown molding. Read more...

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