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Tour our Detail Center where it all comes together.

Gaffney Luxury Our ideas start with the input and concept sketches of skilled craftsmen.

Extraordinary detail. There's nothing like it.


Every Gaffney home is custom designed to meet the individual needs and designs of our customers. From the entryway through the entire home, you'll find dedication to detail, elegance and style. Experience the innovative designs and timeless beauty of trend-setting architecture.

When you take the time to envision your dream home, trust that Justin Gaffney Construction LLC will build it right, on any lot. We know how important shady areas, window views, driveway path(s) and privacy, among other items, can be. Unlike other builders who generally place a pre-built home on the property, we take the layout/lot details into consideration for the best overall design and development of each home. Not many builders can say they'd change an entire house plan just to get a better view out of the great room window. Justin Gaffney Construction LLC has accomplished this task and done so with stunning results.

Our design team utilizes plans, drawings, and 3D renderings to help you visualize your dreams.  Our scale renderings leave no questions unanswered as to the look and function of your new space!!  See the video below...

Infinite. Possibilities.

Depending on your connection, this video may take a few seconds to load...

Work the plan. Plan the work.
It all has to start somewhere. From concept to completion, our craftsmen design the look of each home, selecting materials and fabricating exactly the pieces required to achieve the fit and finish that completes each home's decor.

Custom fabrication - The Gaffney way.
Our craftsman can take the time to design, develop and build anything custom for the highest level of quality imaginable.

Custom stone, Kohler fixtures and tech features make Gaffney homes a work of art.
Keep up to speed or just relax.
This isn't an ordinary bathroom mirror. Cleverly hidden behind it is an LCD flat-screen monitor to broadcast your favorite TV news channel and/or DVD movies. Get the latest stock quotes on your way out or sit in the adjacent custom hot tub and relax.

We start with the finest materials to get the best finished hardwood surfaces.
Custom made trim for a custom built look.
Our homes have featured custom designed and fit trim. We can design it, build it and finish it off right, starting from only the finest woods. Because of the time and labor involved, many builders won't even attempt to accomplish such a task. We'll take the extra steps to finish it right to achieve the quality you expect.

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