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The Gaffney Philosophy

Build it Right. Build it with the Best.

Gaffney Luxury Custom turned vertical woodworking accents staircases in many of our luxury homes for an unmatched uniqueness. Click for a larger image.

Custom designed and built homes. Because you want more than what's at the local lumberyard.

We build it right with the best while using the best materials. We believe the difference between a house and a luxury home is you. We know the area and take the time to get to know you to build a custom home that fits you and your lifestyle. Each house we build is tailor made for the luxurious, carefree lifestyle of your dreams. We have the ideas, creativity, communication and organization to make your dream home a reality.

One look and you'll see that we do what many other builders don't usually care to attempt. We can construct our own cabinetry, make our own trim, manufacture our own crown moulding, design and construct our own handrails, posts, spindles, base moldings, custom doors and even flooring. We employ specialized craftsmen who, with every home we build, demonstrate their advanced skill in the areas of woodworking, layout design, electrical and commercial grade appliance installation. This ensures your home can be crafted with the finest materials and methods available, not simply lumberyard stock or hardware store warehouse items.


The Gaffney HistoryThe Gaffney History- We always describe it in one word.  Craftsmanship.
We live here in the Wausau area. We grew up here and have seen the area evolve into what it is today. The area is poised for extraordinary growth and is rich in culture and heritage. We've been a part of building this history and love to share it. Read more...

The Gaffney PhilosophyThe Gaffney Philosophy- Build it right.  Build it with the best.
Building a unique luxury home takes a very unique builders philosophy. The Gaffney Philosophy is to build it right using the best materials, the best craftsmen, the best way we know how. This philosopy goes into every home we design and build.

The Details of Our Homes Gaffney homes are custom designed and built with a special uniqueness all their own. What happens when you use hardware store items or lumberyard stock? You get a home that's just like the rest in the neighborhood. Find out what makes each Gaffney Luxury home truly a work of art.

Tour Our Detail Center Attention to quality and detail is our priority. Year after year, we detail, design and build homes that many other builders don't usually care to even attempt. This includes detail elements such as constructing our own cabinetry, making our own trim and manufacturing our own crown moulding. Read more...

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