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The Ultimate Investment Opportunity. Yours.

Gaffney Luxury Gaffney Luxury Homes.  Truly a personal investment.








A personal investment with a distinct personality.

When you spend over half of your lifetime in a home, why not make it your one of a kind masterpiece? Over the years, high end luxury homes have appreciated more per thousand than lower priced homes. They are known to create a monopoly for high price resale because of the type of people involved in the initial design process, architecture and high-end, long-lasting construction materials used.

A high end luxury home may sell for almost  twice the initial investment in just a few years from now. Furthermore, because only a select number of builders are able to build high-end luxury homes, an even greater demand is created when large companies locate their businesses and employees in the area. You'll find Gaffney Luxury homes both unique and capable of meeting your luxury housing needs.

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The Craftsmen of Gaffney Construction, LLC

Under construction - Watch for additional homes coming soon!We're building right now.  Click here for a partial property listing. We're busy framing and building several additional luxury homes in the Wausau area. Here is an updated property list with a general description of each. We'll continue to update the listing but if you would like more information just talk to us and we'd be happy to send you purchase and/or investment information on our properties.

Additional investment opportunities are available.
We have more properties and luxury homes that we'd love to show you. Just talk to us and we'd be happy to set up an appointment to meet with you personally. If you're from outside the Wausau, WI area and are interested in an investment, we are able to facilitate the process when you find yourself in the area again. We would be happy to provide you with established local contacts in the financial, insurance and /or relocation.

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