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Welcome Home.

As a Wausau Area home builder, Justin Gaffney Construction LLC specializes in custom home construction, design, and remodeling. We are capable of building to your unique wants, needs, and budget; our professional design and construction team is available to build the custom home your family desires. Along with new construction and remodeling we also provide custom woodworking, custom cabinetry, ANY and EVERYTHING else to do with construction; your search for your next building partner ends here...



Thank you for visiting us here at www.GaffneyConstruction.net! You have found a custom home builder located in and building around the Wausau, Wisconsin area. We continue to update this site so please check back with us frequently. 

Better yet, email or give us a call directly at (715) 297-5354 and we'd be happy to show you our work in person. We're proud of what we do and are confident that you'll find Justin Gaffney Construction LLC both unique and capable in meeting your housing needs. You need to look no further for your future home builder!


Justin Gaffney Construction LLC

For three years running, Justin Gaffney Construction LLC has been voted the Best of Marathon County for New Home Builder and Remodeling!  

Take a Closer Look...

We're happy to describe our history as a Wausau Area home builder; our no-compromises quality philosophy and the attention to detail of our craftsmen. To showcase some of these areas please visit the links below. We know you'll find them helpful as a start in getting familiar with us and the homes we build.

The Gaffney HistoryThe Gaffney History- We always describe it in one word.  Craftsmanship.
We live here in the Wausau Area. We grew up here and have seen the area evolve into what it is today. The area is poised for extraordinary growth and is rich in culture and heritage. We've been a part of building this history and love to share it. Read more...

The Gaffney PhilosophyThe Gaffney Philosophy- Build it right.  Build it with the best.
Building a unique home takes a very unique home builder's philosophy. The Gaffney Philosophy is to build it right, using the best materials, the best craftsmen, the best way we know how. Read more on our philosophy as custom home builders.

Details of our Custom HomesGaffney homes are custom designed and built with a special uniqueness all their own. What happens when you use hardware store items or lumberyard stock? You get a home that's just like the rest in the neighborhood. Find out what makes each Gaffney Custom home truly a work of art.

Tour Our Detail Center
 Attention to quality and detail is our priority. Year after year, we detail, design and build homes that many other home builders don't usually care to even attempt.  We design and build our own cabinetry unique to each home.Read more...





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